Sales and Marketing Specialist

Duties & Responsibilities

·         Create new sales opportunities for the roofing business by answering incoming calls, discussing our roofing services with potential customers

·         arranging for times to come out and review their roofing needs, and opening new customers accounts.

·         Conduct targeted research to expand our current customer portfolio to maximize revenues.

·         Collaborate with installation and other team members to ensure roofing projects are completed successfully, on time and within budget.

·         Develop long-term business to business relationships with general contractors and other large accounts to help ensure they utilize the company’s services for their roofing needs.

·         Resolve any internal and/or customer issues/problems/complaints in timely manner and to clients' satisfaction.

·         Plan, coordinate and distribute flyers and other promotions and advertisements for our roofing services.

·         Document all day-to-day activities, including incoming leads, estimates, bids, project scope, project timelines etc. for all roofing projects.

·         Contributes information, ideas, and research to help develop marketing strategies.

·         Helps to detail, design, and implement marketing plans for each product or service being offered.

·         Sets marketing schedules and coordinates with colleagues, sponsors, media representatives, and other professionals to implement strategies across multiple channels

·         Develops sales strategies and approaches for various products and services, such as special promotions, sponsored events, etc.

·         Answers questions from clients about product and service benefits.

·         Maintains excellent relationships with clients through superior customer service.

·         Tracks sales data and works to meet quotas or sales team goals.

·         Analyses trends, data, demographics, pricing strategies, and other information that can potentially improve marketing and sales performance.

·         Finds ways to sell products in the face of a down market.

·         Researches client base to find new types of customers and sells to them accordingly.

·         Creates a plan for gaining customers and then retaining them based on warranties or guarantees.

·         Analyzes and creates a plan for engaging the target market.

·         Analyzes the competition to create a plan for engagement.

·         Makes product appeal to the target market.

·         Creates and presents regular performance reports for managers and executives.

·         Implements and adheres to company policies and procedures.

.        Attends trade shows and travels to meet clients as needed.

Requires: 24 months related sales and marketing experience.


Work Location: 3538 74th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501


A full-time position.


To apply: Michael’s Roof Services, PO Box 352, East Olympia, WA 98540.